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How this works

Universal Payment Systems Ltd (UPAY) is a leading branded mobile electronic payment collection network used, primarily, for the cash payment of bills and services and prepayments for mobile telephones and energy meters.

If you're a business or organisation seeking cost-effective ways to collect cash payments, we have a proven solution for you. UPAY already accepts payments for a wide range of clients including many of the major utility and service companies, local Government authorities and mobile phone networks.

If you're a retailer looking for ways to generate more footfall and increase turnover, UPAY's added-value customer service products and payment technologies really fit the bill. As well as counter-top Mobile Point of Sale terminals, UPAY also provides turnkey technical solutions for mobile phone top-ups.

If you're a
customer wanting a more convenient way to pay your regular bills in cash, charge up your meter or top-up your mobile, here you'll find what, where and when you can pay at a UPAY merchant near you. There will be over 6,000 places in the Nigeria by summer 2010 where you can pay, and most outlets open long hours, many seven days a week

UPAY is a technologically driven company started in 2007 that focuses on the development and delivery of doorstep end to end payment solutions for various industries and reaching the masses where ever they may reside. 

UPAY seeks disruptive technologies and ideas that will enable African nations expediate business growth by improving and expanding the possible locations where commerce and transaction enviroment can occur.

Mission Statement –

We are a market-focused, innovative leading mobile eletronic point of sale payment network in Nigeria that provides a safe and easy platform for payment and revenue collection from and to our customers, anytime and anywhere.

We will be seen as the leading one stop shop for delivery of pre payment and gaming products and services.

Vision statement –

To provide an innovative, safe and secure payment service to all customers of all walks of life at anytime and anywhere and within 5 years become the leading mobile electronic point of sale payment service platform in Nigeria.

UPAY will be delivering in the 3rd quarter of 2009 an e-top up solution for the mobile carriers in Nigeria that will change the way in which airtime credit is sold and purchased.